At Home HIIT Workout – Intense Calorie Burning HIIT Cardio Workout for Busy People

Change Your Way of Interval Training Today

I don’t know about you guys, but I frequently lose count during my interval training and I think that it is easier when I don’t have to focus on the time myself. But the gymcontract is quite expensive in here and I promised myself and my wife to train more at home so therefore I ordered the gymboss interval timer.

Ways to Improve Runner’s Knee

Tennis elbow, athlete’s foot, golfer’s elbow… it seems that every sport you might enjoy can end up causing you injuries and ironically making you less fit and well. One of the most common of these is ‘runner’s knee’ which can affect anyone who likes jogging or sprinting, but which can also impact those of us who just enjoy a brisk walk every now and then. Here we will look at what runner’s knee is, what causes it and how to address it.

Exercise Cycles – The Most Effective Exercise Equipment

Casual exercisers as well as fitness buffs appreciate exercise cycles because they serve an easy alternative to walking, running, jogging, cycling and several other outdoor exercises. For many people, it is first amongst the equipments that are bought while planning a home gym.

Resistance Bands? What Is the Rage?

Compared to training with free weights, exercise bands are light weight, compact, portable, and are very an inexpensive. They can be used in multiple ways from upper and lower body workouts, to balance, coordination, and strength training. Commonly used in both rehabilitation facilities and fitness centers around the world, resistance bands have been in use for almost a century.

Pedometers for Health Improvement and Increase of Physical Activity

Individuals might wonder and may have asked questions similar to this: “How is it possible to enable and enhance my physical activity?” It is indeed a difficult question to answer when hundreds of factors play a major role in one’s lifestyles. People have different activities needed to be done within 24 hours and yet, some are still striving to their maximum in order to find some free time for themselves and their body.

Ensuring a Healthy Body With a Pedometer

Healthy food, healthy lifestyle, and healthy habits- these are mainly just clauses and fragments. What does the term “healthy” actually mean? How can one ensure and maintain a so-called healthy condition and be able to know if the current condition they are undergoing is healthy or unhealthy? A healthy body, a healthy condition generally refers to the time when the human body is maintained at a normal stage where it receives adequate amount of water, food, and daily exercises that keeps the organs and the metabolism active according to one’s age, gender, and genetic information.

Buying My Home Treadmill

Having spent a whole year training at the gym, I decide to stop my membership. This is because it has become a hassle to rush to the gym after work for my round of exercise. I decided to invest in a home treadmill instead.

Why You Should Choose a Treadmill to Stay Fit?

If you are really serious about losing weight then a treadmill is the best available option in the modern times. The treadmills have been responsible for providing instant and effective fitness solutions for all those who are seeking a healthy physique.

Brand Loyalty In CrossFit Is Sometimes Misguided

CrossFit evokes emotion… full stop. If you get it, adopt it, live it you know what I’m talking about. It’s many people’s precious baby and that often includes the things they choose to endorse, wear and use for their training as well as the affiliate gym they choose.

Muscle Confusion Between Treadmill and Elliptical?

Treadmill Vs Elliptical is a universal dilemma that most people face as they decide to buy befitting fitness equipment. Whether it is for a professional gym or a home gym, there is no other exercise equipment than these that allows for a full body workout with excellent cardiovascular exercise in an easy and effective way. As you decide on either buying a treadmill or an elliptical, it is important to understand that both these machines offer a similar kind of workout.

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