Pilates Flow: Pilates Workout for Butt, Thighs and Core

Best Fitness Equipment For Fast Weight Loss – 3 Options That Burn Calories FAST!

Looking for the best fitness equipment to lose weight fast? Here are 3 of the best machines that burn calories ultra fast!

Compression – The Good, The Bad and the Opinion

Before I get into the nitty-gritty of my personal opinion of compression, a disclaimer. I am not a medical professional. The opinions that are shared on this post come from research, my own experiences and the experiences of athletes I have personally witnessed and information I have researched.

How To Train Yourself For Triathlon Training?

Do you want to be energetic? Feel fresh? Start Triathlon. Why do you want to do Triathlon training? You should know the reason 1st.

Is an Ab Wheel Rollout the Best Abdominal Workout?

Do your abs exercise in just ten minutes a day with the simple, portable and affordable abs rollers. Abs wheel rollouts are proven to be the most effective, intense and natural abs exercise for your abs.

Nordictrack 1750 Treadmil Review – What’s New for 2014?

Thinking about the Nordic track 1750 treadmill? Wondering what’s the big deal? Find out what you get – and how the 2014 version differs from past models!

Get in Shape With Your Cell Phone

By using the iPhone weight lifting case, users can maximize their workout time and not have to carry extra gear or set aside special time to work out. The compact accessory makes fitting exercise into a busy schedule easy to do.

How to Select a Shoe

One of the most important body parts which we have to take care regularly for our daily use is our feet. Although our ancestors used to walk on bare feet, experience taught them to use sheep skin or thick hide of various animals in order for protection from thorns, sharp stones etc. The concept of shoes was born and today in recent times, wearing shoes of the highest brand with various designs has become a fashion.

Create The Perfect Zone To Train At Home

Have you ever thought about the convenience of having your own training space in the comfort of your home? If time is of the essence and if you have the space perhaps it’s something to think about. Below are some suggestions on how to go about getting into the zone at home!

Cycling Related Equipment Reviews: Heart Rate Monitors

A look at my personal experiences with Heart Rate Monitors, the different types that are available, the principles of these types, and the brands I have tried myself. This is a part of a series of reviews I am doing for my website, more details of which can be found below.

Get Clued Up With Gym Equipment

Are you confused by half of the equipment out there today? Do you know what equipment you should be using? Below is some information on different equipment and what they have to offer.

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